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Dai, Chifeng

Dai, Chifeng – “Maximum Penalty and the Optimal Timing of Audits

Dai, Chifeng – “Optimal Risk Sharing with Ex Post Private Information: Rules vs Discretion

Kebede, Hundanol

Kebede, Hundanol – “The Gains From Market Integration: The Welfare Effects of New Rural Roads in Ethiopia

Kebede, Hundanol – “Market Integration and Separability of Production and Consumption Decisions in Farm Households

Kebede, Hundanol – “Risk Aversion and Gender Gaps in Technology Adoption by Smallholder
Farmers: Evidence from Ethiopia

Lahiri, Sajal

Paudel, Nawaraj and Lahiri, Sajal – “Do Politically and Economically Similar States in the U.S.A. Trade More with Each Other?

Kitenge, Erick and Lahiri, Sajal – “Is the Internet Bringing Down Language-based Barriers to International Trade?

Wang, Di and Lahiri, Sajal – “Bilateral Foreign Direct Investments: Differential Effects of Tariffs in Source and Destination Countries

Mehrabani, Ali

Mehrabani, Ali - "Estimation and Identification of Latent Group Structures in Panel Data"

Mehrabani, Ali - "Weighted Average Estimation in Panel Data"

Morshed, AKM Mahbub

Aiyemoa, Babatunde and Morshed, AKM Mahbub – “Inequality, Growth, and Congestion Externalities

Lim, Sokchea, Morshed, AKM Mahbub, and Turnovsky, Stephen J. – “Migrant Labor and Remittances: Macroeconomic Consequences and Policy Responses

Sylwester, Kevin

Sylwester, Kevin and Ajogbeje, Korede – "How Conflict Affects Education: Differences across Types of Conflict in Nigeria"

Watts, Alison

Watts, Alison –“Fairness and Efficiency in Online Advertising Mechanisms