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What is it? The SIUC Blockchain Initiative is a group of SIUC faculty, students, staff and alumni that collaborate to promote SIUC blockchain-related research, education, and networking opportunities.

How can I participate? The SIUC Blockchain Initiative welcomes students, staff, faculty, alumni, and interested community members to its monthly meetings on the SIUC campus. Meetings during the academic year are on the third Wednesday of the month, 5 - 6 pm, except on holidays -- please contact Scott Gilbert to join the email list for the Initiative and receive monthly announcements of meeting days and locations. You can join the meetings via Zoom, here is the link:

What’s a blockchain? It’s a relatively new way of recording and storing information, with information being recorded at multiple locations or sites. The sites are connected, and can communicate with each other via the “blockchain”, and the way that information is recorded makes it tough to erase or get rid of it. The information structure is also called a distributed ledger, meaning that there is a “ledger” of information and copies of the ledger that are distributed across multiple sites or locations.

Why is a blockchain useful? Recording information at multiple sites can be a useful way to make sure that the information survives a breakdown at any one site, so a blockchain can improve data security and transparency. Businesses, governments, non-profits, and non-government organization are currently exploring potential applications of blockchain technology, and some are also helping blockchain technology evolve in ways that better serve their organizations.

For Students: The SIUC Blockchain Initiative welcomes you, and also invites you to check out the SIUC Blockchain Economics Club – a registered student organization with regular meetings.

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Goals of proposed SIUC Blockchain Initiative

  • Promote research by SIUC faculty and students related to blockchain ideas and technology.
  • Promote the awareness and education of SIUC students about blockchain principles.
  • Support student efforts to network with blockchain-related peers & professionals at other institutions.

Promoting SIUC Blockchain Initiative Goals

  • Research: Elevate visibility of SIUC to blockchain-related funding agencies.
  • Research: Provide a forum for blockchain-related research discussion.
  • Education: Help communicate blockchain-related information to SIUC students.
  • Education: Provide a forum for discussing the blockchain as possible curriculum.
  • Networking: Support student networking via faculty & staff networking.