PhD Students on Job Market

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Director of Economics Graduate Studies: AKM Mahbub Morshed

Korede Ajogbeje

Major Professor: Professor Kevin Sylwester


Dissertation: Effects of Conflict and Climate in Africa

Research Interests: Primary - Microeconomics and Development Economics. Secondary - Labor, Health, Environment

Aroni Kabita Porna

Major Professor: Professor Sajal Lahiri 


Dissertation: Foreign Direct Investment and Pollution: The Role of Policy Instruments

Research Interests: International Trade, Environmental Economics, Development Economics

Erfan Jaleel Kareem

Major Professor: Professor AKM Mahbub Morshed


Dissertation: Essays on Household Expenditures in Iraq: Gender Bias in Education Expenditure and The Role of Remittances

Ling Zhang

Major Professor: Professor Sajal Lahiri 


Dissertation: Determinants of Happiness in the U.S.A: An Empirical Study with Longitudinal Data

Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, International and Trade economics, Environmental Economics, Development Economics, Money and Banking