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The School of Analytics, Finance, and Economics (SAFE) provides exciting yet practical training to prepare students for a wide array of career paths.

Our Finance program gives students numerous ways to apply what they learn in the classroom to real world personal and business financial practices. The Burnell D. Kraft Trading Room houses multiple Bloomberg terminals with a vast amount of historical and real-time data, news feeds, analyses and a wide array of tools for simulations and trading of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and many other financial instruments. The Saluki Student Investment Fund (SSIF), set up like a real investment firm, gives our students hands-on experience in day-to-day portfolio management and investment research with extensive utilization of twelve Bloomberg terminals. Students manage an investment portfolio currently worth over $3.5+ million and learn about the responsibility, discipline and diligence it takes to manage someone else’s money.

Our Economics program provides tremendous flexibility to meet your career needs. Students wanting a broad business background can include in their economics major courses in accounting, finance, management, and marketing. However, students wanting to go to Law School, become a business journalist, or work abroad can forgo some of these business courses and instead take courses in political science, paralegal studies, journalism, or a foreign language – just three of many examples of how you can tailor the economics major to meet your needs. Economics majors can take coursework in their own computer lab with leading data-analytic software, join their peers outside of class in two student organizations – the Economics Club and Blockchain Economics club – and pursue economics internships for course credit.

Analytics is a rising field in business as market success necessitates devising business strategies from the voluminous amounts of data that firms now collect. Our new Business Analytics major will put you at the forefront of such endeavors. You will not only learn how businesses can collect, process, and analyze this data but understand how businesses use artificial intelligence and machine learning to best position themselves again their competitors. And rest assured – the focus of this program is not on the technical aspects of these tools but on how you can utilize them most effectively, bridging the gap between the management and technical branches of a business --- a highly sought-after skill in today's job market.

We can also help students financially with many scholarships and awards specific to Finance or Economics students. The Chung Scholarship provides ALL economics majors with over a 3.0 GPA (both overall and in economics courses) $1500 each semester! SAFE reimburses finance majors for the fees they pay to take the professional CFA and FINRA SIE exams.

Please contact us to talk further and find out what SAFE can do for you!